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We supply and install all types of gas geysers, gas water heaters. The popular brands are Atlas, Rinnai, Paloma, VEC and Bosch

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 We do the plumbing as well!!

The simple Atlas Battery ignite units work well but they are for lower consumptions of hot water. You need to choose the correct size unit for your application.

The New Atlas 16lt Constant Temperature unit is Stunning. It is Battery operated but you set the output Temperature on the front and it regulates the flame to keep to the set temperature

New 16lt Atlas CT                      Atlas 16lt CT

Basic Small Units


Atlas Battery Ignite Units

6Lt/min        R1,425                  

8Lt/min        R1,825               

10Lt/min      R2,200

12Lt/min      R2,800

16Lt/min      R3,250

NEW!!!    16Lt/Min Constant Temperature Unit  R4,800

High Demand Units


All prices include VAT, Exclude delivery or installation, subject to change without notice

Atlas 20Lt/min     R  9,500  Includes Control Panel

Atlas 28Lt/min     POA  Includes Control Panel

VEC Power Units

Control Panel            R  1,500

24lt/min                   R13,000

30lt/min                   R15,000  

Rinnai Units

Control Panel         TBC

20Lt/min               TBC

26Lt/min               TBC

24 or 32 Lt/min      Price available on Request

Prices subject to change without notice

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